Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

Participation in the days of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers (1.-2.10.2020) with a lecture on the topic: Contents of the project for the reconstruction of the structure of apartment buildings in Donji grad, Zagreb

The topic of the lecture is the project of reconstruction of the construction of buildings in Donji grad Zagreb. The emphasis is on the content of the renovation project, depending on different conditions. A review of the recently adopted Reconstruction Act is given. The necessary design content of the structure is presented in relation to the selected level of reconstruction, construction purpose and Technical Regulations requirements for construction structures.

Special characteristics related to the image of the existing state of the building, archival drawings of the building, necessary research and testing of structural and non-structural elements, calculations, evidence of resistance and dimensioning are presented as essential components of the reconstruction project. Individual performance solutions and details, drafts and bill of quantities are also presented.